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As illustrated on the right, the heart of the organization is the diamond structure, which is a combination of functional and divisional structures, while all the business development and business support functions are shared with other companies in the group…


This structure facilitates 5 main aspects:

  • Deploys project management methodology to each reinsurance case

  • Maintains technical excellence through back office lines of authority

  • Achieves accountability excellence through front office lines of authority

  • Separates the business execution from the business development and support functions.

  • Creates a placement center that can serve arb and other associates brokers

Aphrodite Reinsurance Broker "arb" is a comprehensive reinsurance broking arm of Aphrodite Holdings which is a 26 years experienced management firm active in Aviation Consulting, Insurance Management, and Risk Management, the group arranged reinsurance around the globe with a collective business portfolio of more than 55 billion USD of sum insured.


With locations in London and Cairo, arb handles various lines of insurance where we tailor to the various needs of clients’ in the Middle Eastern, African and European markets. Our deep specialist knowledge in this field has given us the competency to excel in providing competitive and flexible risk transfer solutions.

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Stronger surplus protection. Enhanced reinsurance programs and pricing. Personal service from a provider you trust. When you partner with arb as your reinsurance broker, you will get more than industry-leading reinsurance services — you’ll also get fresh ideas for improved programs, strategic advice based on actuarial analytics, customized reinsurance recommendations, and direct access to global reinsurance markets.

Sample of Our Capital Providers & Managing  Agents in the London Market


  • Understand client's needs and requirements

  • Assess the prevailing environment, be it market, political, economic or social

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each risk carrier, understand their portfolio strategy

  • Act as the risk advisor, mediator and inter-cultural facilitator
  • Ensure that risk exposure’s data is well presented to underwriters

  • Ensure that client discloses its risk exposure to underwriters

  • Adjust to client’s needs & requirements

  • Ability to deliver a tailor made product or service whenever needed

  • Regional presence as to follow client’s geographical expansion

  • Maintain a close relationship with underwriters
  • Negotiate competitive & realistic terms

  • Ensure fair competition among the various underwriters in the market

  • Provide the broadest coverage available to match client’s needs

  • Cope with client’s budget constraint

  • Ensure diligent claims settlement

  • Anticipate market downturns

  • Adjust wordings in accordance to client’s risk exposure

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